We offer:

High quality wound products custom made

high quality and customized

Wound products for the electrical industry

We advise you in developing your wound products.

In this way, we achieve an optimal and cost-effective production together.

Welcome to Huber Wickelgüter - High Quality Wound Products Custom Made!

We procure all the coil units, ferrites and the necessary accessories available on the free market.

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Why Huber Wickelgüter?

  • Highest quality at reasonable prices
    The well-chosen production sites, a high-quality machine park and committed, trained employees enable favorable prices.
    An extensive final inspection ensures that only components of the highest quality leave our house.
  • Production site EU
    309/5000 Production of the components will take place in our two manufacturing sites in the EU.
    In this way, we achieve fast and short distances and the highest flexibility in production.
    Any necessary changes in the structure of the components can be incorporated into the running production in a very short time.
  • Shortest delivery times
    Weekly, the produced goods are delivered to Germany. We guarantee shortest delivery times.
    It goes without saying that the delivery deadlines are met on time.